Since 1990 I have specialized in the

designing and building of Artistic Ponds & Waterfalls.

We also service and repair even the other guys stuff.


With Crystal Clear water as our fame, and with over 700 features,

We know what it takes to deliver  Top Water features.

We have Multiple Certifications and even as a International Pond Builder

Every day, thousands of homeowners are returning home to a little peace of paradise...

their own back yard!  

Using Landscape Therapy® we can bring a beautiful change into your home and lives,

while increasing property value .

By creating Beautiful Koi ponds, water features, Waterfalls, pathways, stone walls,

Swimming ponds,  Natural Jacuzzi s, Fountains,  Pergolas, 

Multi level Decks,  Aquaponics systems,  Outdoor lighting, Stone pathways & more.

With so many types of garden styles, like native, English, butterfly, edible, tropical and others, the experience of joy can always be found if properly designed. Success to designing an area one must consider the whole environment.

Wind, Rain, Sun, Temps., Creatures and traffic play a big part of the results.

We work hard at all of this to bring you your vision of Paradise with the least maintenance.


Quality, Function and Art with min. cost are the basic elements in all of our work. 

No pond is ever the same but we always put a 150% into all of our construction for complete customer satisfaction. 

 Our water features are Crystal clear

& Mosquito free. 

Our decks are true, safe & strong. 

Our landscapes are colorful and full of life.

"I personally build with hands-on in every job with your dream of paradise in mind".

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